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Meet Our


Meet the heart in our breeding program. These sweet Moms are what makes the difference in each of our families having a one of a kind, individual, perfect fit Mini Goldendoodles. Their goldendoodle puppies are sure to bring a smile to your face.

We carefully select each of our moms ensuring the upmost high quality in health, personality, temperament and size.

Take a minute and get to know each of these beloved dogs, and we hope you will come to see why we love them so much.

goldendoodle, mini goldendoodle, teddybear goldendoodle, poodle mixgoldendoodle


F1 Mini Teddybear Goldendoodle

Height: 16"

Weight: 25lbs

Meet Bex.

With a dog as small and cute as this she adds excitement and happiness to everyone she meets!

She has been the sidekick of a little cowboy who loves, loves, loves his (cow) dog! No one has the heart to tell him cow dogs aren’t usually small goldendoodles.

Bex is a source of joy and happiness, she mirrors emotions, and is capable of empathizing in such an amazing way. She truly seems to understand when you’re having a rough day. She loves to smile, as you can see in the picture. She’s happy, outgoing, kind, understanding, and even has her own jingle (she’s Bexy and she knows it!)

Missing something? Add some love and happiness to your life with one of her pups!

Her parents are Britt and Royale

*Cleared through parentage

goldendoodle, mini goldendoodle, teddybear goldendoodle, poodle mix


AKC English Cream Golden Retriever

Height: 18"

Weight: 45lbs

"Miss Mellow" Cedar is the heart and soul of the company. When we started we were looking for a companion dog that would bring happiness and joy, and this wonderful girl is it.

Her puppies are the epitome of Teddybear Companions.

They always have beautiful full coats, broad faces , soft eyes, and the sweetest personalities.

They are our signature puppy, and rightfully so. Her puppies connect, accept and bring together the best of the English cream golden Retriever and poodle world.

You won't want to miss out on her beautiful offspring!

She has been genetically health tested, including hips, and is clear of breed-specific diseases.


F1B Mini Teddybear Goldendoodle

Height: 16"

Weight: 22lbs


This sweet girl is one of our very own.

Her mom is our very own Bex.

Charlie is loving, kind, thoughtful and smart.

her beautiful coat is as soft as they come, and she has the most perfect doe eyes.

She is sure to have puppies with a sweet , caring demeanor.

Don't miss out on a chance to own a True Teddybear Puppy!

We are expecting her first litter October, 2023

Her parents are Parker and Bex

*Cleared through parentage

goldendoodle, mini goldendoodle, teddybear goldendoodle, poodle mixgoldendoodle


F1 Teddybear Goldendoodle

Height: 20"

Weight: 40lbs

This sweet real life Teddybear is as real as it gets. She looks like a whimsical stuffed animal and has a heart of gold. What more can you ask for?

She has a beautiful Taupe/Fawn coat and white markings and a perfect Teddybear face. Her puppies take on her looks, temperament and wonderful heart.

She is the epitome of what someone would want in a doodle.







and most of all someone's best friend.

Need someone to understand your ups and downs

Be there for you ?

A Dottie puppy was designed to do just that

Dottie is an F1 Teddybear Goldendoodle

Her parents are our very own Britt and King

*Cleared via Parentage

goldendoodle, mini goldendoodle, teddybear goldendoodle, poodle mixgoldendoodle


F1 Goldendoodle

Height 22”

Weight: 35lbs

Kit is our beloved F1 Goldendoodle .

She has striking composition, honest eyes , and a non stop wagging tail. Shes always glad to see you, and loves to be with you , Kitt is a true companion.

What we love most about Kitt is her ability to connect and learn. She loves to engage. She not only is smart, but is very able to apply what shes learned and build upon that. In three short sessions , she went from learning the marker word YES, to sitting, Laying down and giving high fives. We've never had a dog learn as fast as Kitt

She’s stunning , striking and garners attention with her good nature.

She has such a gentle nature and is as sweet as they come.

She’s sure to pass her color, looks and most importantly her heart to her offspring.

Cleared through Parentage, and Health Tested through Animal Genetics


Each of our dogs are raised in our home. This hands-on

approach allows us to know everything about our dogs,

from composition to temperament, and allows us to choose

the best possible parents for your future puppy!

Genetic Testing via Vetnostics, Animal Genetics and Embark