welcome to cedar doodles

where we Specialize in raising therapy grade puppies

with purpose

Adoption process

Step 1:

See a Puppy you like ?

Fill out our Adoption form to start the process ! We try to respond to each application within 2 business days

Step 2:

We will reach out to you with your preferred method of contact ( email, text, or phone call). We will answer your questions regarding the puppy you are interested in, and will set up a time to FaceTime that particular puppy.

We are the home of High Quality Teddybear Doodles at an Affordable Price.

We don't have "cheap dogs", so if that is what you are hoping for we aren't your people. Our mission is to provide people the highest quality puppy, with an outstanding foundation , at a price every family can afford.

If you are looking for a high quality, loving, personable Teddybear Companion, we are your people.

Step 3:

We will FaceTime you with your puppy.

Follow on social media for weekly updates of your puppy!

*We know you would do everything you possibly could to keep your puppy as safe as possible, and you would expect the same and more from us.

For the safety of our puppies we have made the decision not to do in person puppy visits.

Why you may ask ?

We do this because puppies are not fully vaccinated until 4 months old, they are susceptible to illness from diseases such as Parvo. After having a good breeder friend loose puppies to Parvo after a puppy picking party , due to someone inadvertently bringing it in on their shoes, we chose to limit visits for the safety of our puppies.

Because of this we have made an added measure to update our families/prospective families with extra pictures/ videos/ temperament testing, and personality descriptions that exceed a one time visit.

We want to give a well rounded picture/description of your puppy from birth til take home, to ensure you are able to see a well rounded description of your new family member.

Step 4:

Place *Nonrefundable Deposit to reserve your puppy

Puppy deposits are 10% of total purchase price and are applied to total cost.

Deposits can be placed through Venmo, Zelle, PayPal or via Credit Card*

*Credit card deposits are subject to 3% fee

Step 5:

Prepare for Puppy Pickup

We are located in Richfield Utah. 2 hours south of the SLC Airport and 4 hours from Vegas.

Arrangements can be made with our delivery driver to pickup at the SLC Airport or Vegas Airport.

Delivery Driver Charges $1.25/mile.