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The Perfect Doodle, Designed For You

Hi! My name is Rachael, and I'm the owner at Cedar Doodles, where we raise Teddybear Goldendoodles with purpose.

Through the years I have developed a unique line of dogs that posses highly-desirable physical, mental, social, and empathetic qualities. These are the dogs that:

— Love & Accept Unconditionally

— Understand and Empathize

— Want to Love and Be Loved

— Seem to know and get you

— Make you laugh and smile

— Make people whole

And the best part ? They can have the smarts, personality, and the one-of-a kind Teddybear look!

Here at Cedar Doodles, we know the love of a dog changes lives for the better! So let's change yours today!

Pure Love Wrapped in Small Packages

How did we get started ?

Our Doodle Story starts as one of our lifelong stories ends…

We have always had sporting dogs, labs, Brittany’s and Pointers. With the birth of my new baby, and his severe allergies to pet dander, our sporting dog story had to come to a close due to his health. We made the heart wrenching decision to rehome my beloved Pointers. I wondered what we would do without a dog. I’ve always believed a home without a dog isn’t a home, and now here we were, dog-less. Little did I know that in just a few short days my life would change forever.

What’s a Doodle?

In the midst of many tears I remember my dear friend telling me he had heard of a type of dog called a "doodle," and that it was supposed to be a wonderful dog for people with allergies. I knew we had to have a dog like that. Our family wasn’t complete without a dog, so we jumped in! We bought our first doodle, and my baby didn’t suffer with the allergy symptoms anymore. We knew we had found our forever dog.

Love of a Lifetime

We were completely smitten with our doodle. She was a great fit. We loved her and found that others did to . We quickly realized that not a lot was known about them and that there was a lot of room for improvement when it came to the doodle breed. These dogs were almost foreign, and we wanted to improve the breed using my biology/applied science major, registered nurse experience, ranch, kids, and years of dog experience to bring families a companion offering the love of a lifetime.