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Your perfect puppy DESIGNED FOR YOU

Have you been looking for that perfect puppy for quite a while now, or have you just started your search? Our program is designed for the first-time puppy owner, veteran dog lover, and the all the in-betweens!

What is our program?

  • It starts before they are born, we understand genetics is key. Good genetics are essential to ensure the best temperament health and composition for your beloved companion.

  • Training from day one: We start with ENS, scent socialization, exposure to different sights, sounds, textures. Daily holding, handling, scent stimulation.

  • Early Potty Training: We want you to have a puppy that is started off with a great foundation. With this in mind we use misty method, puppy culture, litter pan training and dog door training to use your puppy's natural instincts to teach your puppy where to go to the bathroom.

  • Shot Schedule/Worming Protocol: Your puppy is placed on a worming protocol that starts every 2 weeks from the day they are born. Vaccinations are important to protecting your puppy from deadly diseases such as parvo. Their health and well-being is our priority.

  • Full Grooming experience: Because we know the importance of your puppy being familiar with the full grooming experience, including commercial dryer, sanitary shave, paw pads trimmed.

  • Puppy Food/Health Supplements: Our puppies are fed a high-quality puppy food and supplemented with a good probiotic. Our puppies are also given a NuVet supplement.

  • Dog training: We start teaching the marker words "YES" and "Good", to help teach your puppy how to connect with you. We have also partnered with Baxter and Bella to help you continue your training at your pace in your own home!

  • Peace of mind: Your puppy will have the ability be microchipped prior to coming home, if you so choose. You will be able to register them once they are in your care. Your puppy will also have had their vet health check prior to leaving our home.


  • Go Home Bag: We pride ourselves in giving you a piece of your puppies first home, we do this by sending you with everything they are used to here. This includes their first blanket that smells like mom and littermates. Their favorite chew toys. A special treats, food and rawhides container, in which you'll find their puppy food, the rawhides they are given daily and the treats we use to train them. In their info packet you'll find the info to register your puppy's microchip, through FiNano. You will also have the information sheet and number to claim your first free month of pet insurance on us, through Trupanion. There will also be a copy of the vaccination record and vet check. We want to set you up for success, and know this is essential in doing so.


Welcome friends to the Country Road Ranch!

My name is Rachael, and I am the owner of Cedar Doodles at the Country Road Ranch (CRR) Doodles. You may ask, "How does our story tie into yours?"

As a child I was told I could have a dog but only one. I saved an entire summer to buy my first puppy. My black lab puppy, (that was sure to have way more dog in him than just black lab,) made me always wonder what it would be like to have something more.

A longer coat, a broader face, soft gentle eyes, beautiful colored coat, medium length hair, compact body, straight back, set head and tail, a whimsical childhood stuffed animal affect, wrapped in a wavy curly coat, with an undeniable loving heart. I spent lots of days wondering/dreaming what my perfect dog would look like.

Here we are years later, my children and I, working together to fulfill that childhood dream of mine. Our Teddybear goldendoodles went from being a my dream to a reality.

As each and every one of our puppies leave our home to go to yours, I get a chance to remember that young thirteen-year-old girl with her dream and get to watch it play out in action.

Thank you for making this dream possible. - Rachael



What’s a Doodle?

In the midst of many tears I remember my dear friend telling me he had heard of a type of dog called a "doodle," and that it was supposed to be a wonderful dog for people with allergies. I knew we had to have a dog like that. Our family wasn’t complete without a dog, so we jumped in! We bought our first doodle, and my baby didn’t suffer with the allergy symptoms anymore. We knew we had found our forever dog.

Our Doodle Story starts as one of our lifelong stories ends…

We have always had sporting dogs, labs, Brittany’s and Pointers. With the birth of my new baby, and his severe allergies to pet dander, our sporting dog story had to come to a close due to his health. We made the heart wrenching decision to rehome my beloved Pointers. I wondered what we would do without a dog. I’ve always believed a home without a dog isn’t a home, and now here we were, dog-less. Little did I know that in just a few short days my life would change forever.

Love of a Lifetime

We were completely smitten with our doodle. She was a great fit. We loved her and found that others did to . We quickly realized that not a lot was known about them and that there was a lot of room for improvement when it came to the doodle breed. These dogs were almost foreign, and we wanted to improve the breed using my biology/applied science major, registered nurse experience, ranch, kids, and years of dog experience to bring families a companion offering the love of a lifetime.